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Ok, so like in the first chapter we are introduced to some guy named Bob Malevolent who, like, seriously needs to get into aromatherapy or something because he gets all bent because someone takes his parking spot and so he gets back at him by setting his parking meter to like "violation" which seems kinda lame really, but later on when he's sitting in his den he like gets this haxxor kid to steal some stuff from his Dad, but then things jump to Boise, ID where two folks get a catalog from DeVry but it doesn't have like shoes in it or anything good, but like a list of folks who are now all evil and stuff but then it jumps back to ancient times like when that guy they named the airport and those buildings for was President and then we jump to where JB reads this telegram from Boise and Chris is all "Like, How did they find me and stuff" and so they pack some stuff and head up to Boise where all these like pets are disappearing but then they get like pulled over and escorted downtown where they have a big party that's ruined by a bunch of stampedeing cats.

So, then in like Chapter 2, Chris and JB save the day after JB starts talking funny but then they go to the hotel room and have this whole like thing go on where JB is all "Yeah-huh" and Chris is all "nuh-huh" but then they start drinking and Bob does this like chat room thing with some buddies of his that are all like so unhip but then there's like this news update where I looked totally killer and then Chris and JB like go shopping and then Bob goes on an interview and then on the way back from the mall JB spots a light moving on the ground and save a bunch of sushi eating orphans who went to the ballpark.

Oh, oh, then in Chapter 3 Chris and JB manage to get away from the really like angry kitties by locking a guy in a closet, and then there was this class about hiring henchpersons and then Krullux (the guy who was Bob's like reference from the job interview) started fighting other robots in this battle thing but like lost, and JB and Chris get drunk and start figuring out that Bob is using a satellite to control the cats and that Chris has like all kinds of money but is really cheap so they have a press conference where they announce that they figured out how to keep the cats from attacking, but Bob gets a bad grade because he did't actually blow up stuff, so Chris and JB do more shopping at this boutique but then they get this note from the United Super Hero Association telling them to quit it.

Ok, and in Chapter 4, Chris and JB go to like Seattle to apply for their liscence which Chris doesn't get because he can't think of a reason to be a superhero so they give him a learners permit and then some folks started singing like showtunes and there was some commercials for things and two guys make a bomb and JB and Chris die.

Except in chapter 5 we find out they didn't die but got like blown across the street and are ok and stuff, which is a big relief for them and Bob kinda looses it again because he didn't want them blown up but then they had this news story, and JB starts talking to squirrels and buys this like super stereo and really tick off the neighbors and Bob and his buddies talk about some tool that Krullux has more folks are singing show tunes and Chris gets shot.

And like no in Chapter 6 he's not dead or anything but when they come out of the hospital they get all yelled at by the woman from Seattle who gave them the learners permit but then we find out the mayor like has the showtune thing too and JB talks with his buddies about stuff and becomes like really smart even though he's like super tired and like figures out what the Boise Hum is (which is like what's making people sing show tunes and stuff) and Krullux gets drunk and then Chris and JB meet Annie who's like this grody fat guy and Bob gets his two guys to capture Chris and JB, get everyone in a trance and he destroys Boise.

Well, ok, not all of Boise, because in Chapter 7 Chris and JB manage to escape and convince everyone it was some ad, but then we jump to like really old times (like before my folks were born) and find out about these four folks that like didn't really like each other and Bob gets a good grade and finds out about how to get more money for bigger schemes and then there's another commercial and Bob starts bragging and Chris takes out some money from an ATM that is under the control of an evil mastermind that's doing community service and Bob gets ticked but his wife thinks it's cute and the Justice Furlong go on the attack, but it's like in the past when they were around more and Bob yells at his two henchmen and huge pair of fangs eats them.

No, wait, in Chapter 8 we see that they don't get eaten by Margie (who's like this 15 foot robot dog that Bob got because of a bad phone line) but then the Justice Furlong get all zapped and stuff by Bob and disappear except for their clothes so Chris and JB eat waffles and this fat floaty guy with a bucket on his head starts feeling up a radio tower cause he's like a magnet guy who wants to take over Boise and then a bunch of new heroes show up to save the day.

Well, not so much take over as just kind of be annoying cause in Chapter 9 they start busting things up and Chris gets like ticked at them and some guy finds the Justice Furlong costumes and someone drives to Canada then JB and Chris eat sandwiches and this like hot chick who's all not a hot chick really disappears Bob and his wife have a steak dinner and some big words got me really confused but Chris watches TV and calls some guy before Krullux stops by Bob's with his tool out.

Then in Chapter 10 the costumes get dontated to Goodwill by some like yuppies and then Chris wins like lots more money and a guy gets a wedgie then Chris is all whoosh and blam and stuff and JB zaps Magnifty with his tazer thingy but he (like Magnifty, not JB) gets away because the Y-Guys steal him, but Chris goes to their place and is more blam and crunch and stuff but Bob's two henchmen are like reading the classifieds and stuff but then they capture JB and Chris who are on their way to eat Chinese and Chris gets zapped by Krullux's thingy which sounds gross, but it's not, you perv!

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